1 nappy, 4 sizes

From birth to potty … 2 major advantages: very cheap and extraordinarily sustainable.

Really simple to maintain

It is best to wash all the nappy covers and liners three times before use for optimum absorbency of the bamboo fibres or microfibres. Wash the nappies and covers at 40°. Nappy covers and liners can go in the tumble dryer without issue. The cellulose cloths are bio-degradable and can go in the toilet or the compost bin.

  • Do not iron!
  • Never use chlorine!
  • Never use fabric softener!
  • Use very little washing powder.


Bambinex® is comfort through and through

Bambinex® nappies consist of several layers of ultra-fine fibres. Light, soft and pleasant, comfortable, super-absorbent, quick to dry… and just as practical to use as a disposable nappy!

Bambinex® is cheaper

You can save up to 600 euros per child by choosing Bambinex®. In addition, there are numerous cities and municipalities that issue subsidies to mothers who choose reusable nappies instead of disposable nappies.

Bambinex® contributes to your child's well-being

Bambinex® retains an optimum temperature within the nappy. The micro-porous structure ensures that air can get through, but no moisture. A very comfortable environment that will irritate the baby's bottom far less quickly.

Bambinex® is thoughtful of nature

The use of washable nappies keeps the waste mountain from piling up. Bambinex® lasts a lifetime and is free of harmful chemicals.

Bambinex Natural Softness and Basic is a two-piece nappy. This has several advantages compared to a one-piece nappy (“All-In-One”), where the nappy and the nappy cover form a single whole.

Bambinex two-piece system



  • Cheaper: 5 to 8 nappies and just 1 to 2 nappy covers per day
  • More sustainable: just 1 to 2 nappy covers need to be washed per day
  • More sustainable: the nappy cover is practically dry after washing and does not need to go in the tumble dryer
  • Shorter drying time, because the nappy is dried separately
  • Changing your baby does take a little longer, given that you need to put on both the nappy and the nappy cover. After changing your baby a few times, this will only take you an extra few seconds.



  • More expensive: 5 to 8 nappies needed per day, each with integrated nappy cover.
  • The nappy cover is also washed with every replacement, meaning it will wear out sooner and the chance of leakage is greater
  • When you dry the All-In-One nappy in the tumble dryer, the PUL layer (impermeable layer of the cover) will wear out far more quickly, which happens at higher temperatures
  • Longer drying time given the cover encloses the nappy on 1 side. This means the nappy cannot dry as quickly on that side
  • Changing your baby is a little quicker because it only takes 1 action.