A new feeling of freedom

with Nappynex washable incontinence nappies

  • All-in-one nappy
  • Ultra-soft
  • Extra Absorbent

Bambinex washable incontinence nappies offer a new feeling of freedom and a better quality of life. The breathable Bambinex washable incontinence nappies for adults with absorption pad and double moisture barrier are recommended for normal to severe degrees of incontinence.


  • Nappy size 0: 50-72cm
  • Nappy size 1: 60-92cm
  • Nappy size 2: 90-122cm
  • Nappy size 3: 120-172cm
  • Nappy size 4: 170-192cm

Alternative to disposable incontinence nappies

Due to the ageing population, a rising number of senior citizens are suffering from incontinence or enuresis. As opposed to with babies, the use of nappies does not end once toilet-training is complete after a few years. Besides the purchase of nappies, there is also the cost price for processing and disposing of disposable nappies (up to 900 kilos per year). It is clear that the initial investment in washable incontinence nappies pays for itself very quickly.

Washable nappies are an outstanding choice in terms of the expense, the environment, waste management, saving on raw materials, grey energy, finances and public health. Moreover, washable nappies are significantly more airy than paper/plastic disposable nappies and contain no harmful substances that could soak into the skin (research has found phthalates, nonylphenol, dioxins and glyphosate in disposable nappies). In addition, perfumes, the higher temperature and the non-breathable nature of disposable nappies can cause irritation.

The BambinexPro washable nappies for senior citizens came about from this experience with washable nappies and from collective research with users, hospitals, care homes, industrial laundries, detergent manufacturers and laboratories for analysis and certification.

Our washable nappy for senior citizens lends itself to both professional and household use.

The Nappynex (or BambinexPro) washable incontinence nappy is an all-in-one (AIO) nappy. The waterproof exterior with the Velcro fasteners and the anti-leak borders is attached to the absorbent interior. Putting on and taking off a washable nappy and fitting it is just as easy as with a disposable nappy.

  • Thanks to the exterior in breathable polyurethane coating, this nappy can also be washed at higher temperatures than nappies with polyurethane laminate (PUL).
  • The Velcro strips of the 2 IN 1 type that only attach to Velcro and no other fabrics are permitted in industrial laundries. It also lightens the load for the care staff; speed and precision are an advantage, saving time when changing.
  • Thanks to the 5 different sizes, combined with the Velcro strips, everyone will find a perfect fit. The smallest size fits seamlessly with our range of washable baby nappies, as it happens. That way, children who wet the bed or have an incontinence problem will also have an ecological nappy available.
  • Each nappy has a “booster” or liner to raise the absorption capacity for moderate to severe incontinence. The boosters have an asymmetric, anatomical shape and absorb more centrally and to the rear. 
  • The elastic anti-lead borders around the thighs, on the nappy cover and on the absorbent interior are an extra protection against leaks.  Elastic banding made from 100% polyurethane, resistant to acids and bases and able to tolerate up to 130°C.
  • The absorbent interior made from Polar Fleece for a dry feeling and the multi-layers made from polyester microfibre provide absorption as well as super-quick drying after washing.

All BAMBINEX products are tested according to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, product class 1, meet that standard and are free of harmful substances, heavy metals, pesticides, fertilisers, nickel and AZO dyes, and meet the requirements of the REACH regulation, the CE and the US standards.

All our models are tested at the Centexbel (Belgium), IFTH (France) or Intertek (UK) laboratories for waterproofing, wash fastness, drying and absorption capacity, colour and light fastness and durability, both wet and dry.


The BAMBINEX Pro nappies for senior citizens consist of 3 elements that are used depending on the degree of incontinence.

  • The all-in-one nappy that is only used in the event of normal urine incontinence.
  • The booster is used in the event of moderate to severe incontinence to enhance the absorption capacity. 
  • The NAPAP-300 liner is an absorbent liner sheet that is used in the event of mixed incontinence to contain the stools and make changing easier. 

All these elements are combined depending on the degree of incontinence.


You can find washing instructions here.

For industrial washing and drying, you can contact us for specific procedures.