Nappies for hire and washing service

More and more initiatives are being taken to get parents into using washable nappies. Washable nappies are naturally the most logical choice for economic, ecological and health reasons. Washable nappies have only 1 disadvantage… they need to be washed and dried. Although this will quickly become a habit for most parents, it does put some off. A range of initiatives have been started in recent years, both at home and abroad, to take this extra work off their hands. These nappy services wash and rent out packages of cotton nappies. One or more times a week, the dirty nappies are then collected and replaced by clean, washed, renewable nappies. There are rental services for washable nappies aimed at private individuals, large and small crèches or a combination of the two.

Bambinex has developed washable nappies for a range of companies in the past that are adapted to the specific needs of washing and rental services. We have developed two-piece or special All-in-One nappies with microfleece, bamboo or a combination of both so babies and toddlers can be changed super-quick. These are available in 4 sizes, so our customers will always be able to offer the perfect fit. The various colour codes ensure that washing and sorting go super-quick too.

Together, we will find and make the perfect nappy for you, taking another step towards a better and brighter future for our planet and our children.