Swim & Training Nappy

Perfect for the swimming pool, ideal for potty training.


Swim and training nappy, 2 in 1

Ideal for the swimming pool, on holiday, on the beach with super-soft velour on the inside. That means this nappy dries very quickly. The nappy is also ideal for potty training: it catches little accidents and is easy to put on and take off for going to the potty by yourself. There are push buttons on the side for effortless changing. 


Naturally, a washable swim nappy or training pants (otherwise known as practice pants) will not be used as intensively or for such a long time as a normal washable nappy. If you need to buy both pairs of pants separately, this could work out too expensive. This is why we developed our swim and training pants to be 2 in 1. 1 pair of pants that you can use for 2 occasions!

These swim and training pants are available in 4 sizes with many different fun prints, so as to be a perfect fit for your baby or toddler's body. You just wash the swim and training pants along with the other washable nappies in the washing machine.


To use as a swim nappy:

Isn't it fun to go swimming with your baby in a swimming pool, paddling in the sea or romping about on the beach? Sadly, you can't always avoid those little accidents, which is where our swim and training pants come in. A washable nappy cannot be used for this, as it would sag due to the large quantity of water the nappy takes in. It catches your child's stools thanks to the anti-leak borders by the legs and the tummy. When this happens, you can remove the swim nappy very easily thanks to the push buttons along both sides. Because the swim and training pants only have a small liner, they will not hang down and hinder your child's movement. Swim nappies are required for babies and toddlers at most swimming pools at home and abroad. After just a few days of swimming, washable swim nappies work out cheaper compared to disposable nappies and it saves you a lot of waste to throw out!


To use as practice pants:

Toddlers can't be toilet-trained overnight. A shame, but this is just how it is. That requires an effort from both your toddler and the parents. The signals are usually pretty clear when your toddler is ready for it. They will prefer the potty and the nappy no longer seems as nice. However, there will be some little accidents in the first few days and weeks. Your toddler will get to the potty too late sometimes, leading to wet trousers or pants. That means you need some practice pants to resolve this. The Bambinex training pants are ideal for easing the transition. The pants have a waterproof outer layer and a small absorbent layer knitted in, which can catch a small amount of pee. Your child will feel the wetness, though, which will help with toilet-training. Your child can easily take the pants off and put them back on themselves, and they are a lot less thick than a nappy, so they will fit neatly under clothing. The pants can also be used as just a swim nappy or swim pants before, during and after toilet-training. So there's nothing to lose!