Bambinex® accessories

make changing your baby so easy

Naturally, you need a washable nappy to change your child. And a waterproof nappy cover. So far, so good. But besides that, there are plenty of accessories you sometimes need or are just really handy when changing your baby, whether at home or on the road.

Below is an overview of all the accessories and what to use them for.

Paper liner

The Bambinex paper liners are offered in a 3-roll package. Each roll consists of 100 sheets that you can easily remove. Put a sheet in the nappy and this will catch your baby's stools, protecting the nappy and making washing it that bit simpler and more pleasant. The baby's pee will pass through it easily. The liners are made from bio-degradable cellulose, so you can compost them, throw them in the toilet (be careful with narrow drainpipes) or throw them in the bin.

Be careful: The absorbent paper liner is necessary if you are using a cream to care your baby or toddler's bottom. The cream collects on the nappy or fleece liner, which makes it impermeable, hindering absorption and making it difficult to wash out.

More information on using the paper liner can be found here

Fleece protective liner

These liners are packaged in a handy box of 20 items. The liner has roughly the same dimensions as the paper liner and has 2 functions.

  • It makes your baby feel dry. The pee seeps through the fleece liner fully and is absorbed by the nappy. Afterwards, the fleece liner feels dry again and your baby will have dry bottom once more.
  • Just like the paper liner, it protects the nappy from your baby's bowel movements and is super-soft for your baby's bottom. Instead of using a new paper liner every time, you can keep rewashing this fleece liner.

Washable cloths

Many people used to use the moist cloths that you just throw away after use. This means thousands of moist cloths per baby that land up in the bin or the toilet. Generally full of unhealthy chemicals, odours and irritating substances that soak into the skin. Enough of those! The Bambinex wash cloths are the safe, healthy and easy alternative. Because the cloths are designed from 2 different substances, this makes them super-versatile! The larger size (15x20cm) also makes them easier for dads to use. One side is made from a soft fleece layer that you can use to clean the face, hands or bottom. The other side consists of soft cotton towelling. Thanks to the many small loops, this side is ideal for use when the bottom is very dirty.

You can store the cloths dry and wet them for use or you can store the cloths in a sealed (Tupperware) box. Add some water to make them moist and perhaps use a few drops of essential oil.

Provide enough cloths, because you'll want to use them for all manner of other cleaning work too (glasses, PC, dashboard, etc.)

Washing powder

The safest choice for washing reusable nappies is the Bambinex washing powder. This was developed specially for washable nappies and guarantees a clean wash, leaving behind a minimum of residues in the nappy after washing. This washing powder is even effective at a 30° temperature. Washing at a low temperature is better for the environment!

Normal dose, not to be exceeded: 30 grams per 4.5/5kg nappies or 2 soup spoons.

Nappy bag

The Bambinex nappy bag is very handy for its simplicity. The bag can be used to store dirty nappies. Its large size means you can store around 10 to 12 dirty nappies in it. When the nappy bag has been full for a day or two, you'll know it's time to wash the nappies. You open the bag with the zip at the top and deposit the nappies straight into the washing machine. You can just throw the bag in alongside and wash them at 40°. It must not be dried in the tumble dryer, but this would not even be needed as you will be filling it with wet nappies again before too long…

It is handy to have 2 nappy bags, so you will always have one when the other is in the wash.

The bag is made from waterproof PUL (this is the same substance as our protective pants), making the bag waterproof and odour proof. You can fasten the handy loop at the top to your nappy table or to a doorknob with a push button. Besides the nappies, you can also store the washable liners, nappy covers, fleece liners, moist cloths or swim and training pants in it until they need to be washed.

When you no longer need to use nappies, the bag is also perfect for use as a swimming bag for storing the wet swim nappy, swimming trunks, bathing suit and towels.