Bambinex®, the brand

The right choice, the washable nappy with bio-degradable absorbent liner


Today's reusable nappies are no longer those cotton cloths from the olden days with their awful reputation. The method has made huge progress and is gaining more and more approval. And so it should… given the numerous advantages that reusable nappies have to offer. 

Bambinex® is an innovative concept for reusable nappies with several unique properties. With Bambinex®, nappies are no longer a necessary evil, but a way to give your baby optimum protection and maximum comfort from straight after birth.

A Belgian brand since 2006 with its own design department

When the Bambinex brand came out in 2006, washable nappies were still in their… erm, infancy. Only a small proportion of parents had been persuaded of the benefits for their child and the planet at that time. Continual improvements to the products, new fabrics, new colours and prints have turned Bambinex into a strong brand with a European feel.


Bambinex®, part of the Cazitex brand.

Bambinex is part of the wholesale business Cazitex, which is a European leader in trading, converting and sourcing high-quality fabrics for baby outfits. Cazitex designs beautiful collections and turns your ideas into fabrics. Thanks to years of experience, knowledge and know-how in textiles from the parent company Cazitex, Bambinex has managed to bring an extensive range to market that meets all the requirements from demanding parents.

Cazitex's customers are manufacturers of baby bed textiles, prams and all kinds of other baby accessories. We work with carefully selected partners in doing so (weavers, knitters, printers and agriculturalists on contract) who meet our requirements. We vet the entire manufacturing process. This allows to ensure continuity in respect of supply and quality.
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Bambinex®, your guarantee of safe nappies for your baby.

All products in the Bambinex range bear the OEKO-TEX label “Standard 100 class 1”. This label guarantees the absence of substances that are harmful to health, such as through allergic reactions.

What demands does the hallmark set?

Because the final product involves working with limit values, OEKO-TEX indirectly sets requirements for the use of substances harmful to the environment, such as heavy metals, harmful dyes and pesticides.

How are the checks carried out?

Compliance with the requirements comes partly through the labs associated with OEKO-TEX and partly through company audits carried out by independent inspectors. The label shows which institute has tested the product for the hallmark to be awarded.



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