Bambinex Natural Softness

the ecological nappy in bamboo stretch

Bambinex® nappies are made from bamboo fibre towelling. A well-considered choice…

Bamboo grows quickly and in a natural way. Without fertilisers or pesticides, without stripping the soil and without monoculture. A panacea from nature…

  • By nature, bamboo is anti-bacterial and anti-allergic.
  • Bamboo has a very soft and healing character.
  • Bamboo absorbs more moisture than cotton.
  • Bamboo retains these unique characteristics, even after many uses and washes. What's more, this even enhances its absorbent properties!


What does the Bambinex Natural Softness range consist of?


Nappy cover in bamboo stretch

(S1: 3.5 – 10kg & S2: 10 – 20kg)

You can use the same nappy cover for your toddler from birth to toilet-trained. This impermeable nappy cover has a breathable PUL layer and is available in various colours and fun designs. You can make the cover smaller in various steps at the front thanks to the push buttons, so the cover will grow with your baby as they become a toddler. The handy Velcro strips ensure that you can easily fasten the cover and adjust it perfectly to your baby's waist. An extra elastic leak border has been provided around the bottom to avoid leaks.

One Size nappy covers

 (3.5 – 20kg)

This nappy cover made from super-soft bamboo fibre towelling is the Rolls Royce of washable nappies. Maximum absorption capacity thanks to the use of bamboo fibres (higher absorption than cotton, microfibre, etc.) combined with the extra bamboo liner make this nappy the ideal worry-free choice for both day and at night. The bamboo towelling is very soft, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial. The nappy is available in 2 sizes and, just like the nappy cover, has push buttons at the front to adjust the nappy to your baby and toddler's rapidly changing body. The Velcro fastener at the top also contributes to a perfect fit.

Bamboo liner

An extra bamboo liner is included in every Natural Softness Line nappy. Thanks to the 2 push buttons, this liner can be easily fastened to the nappy. These liners are also available separately, so you can change the liner after a small amount of pee from your baby when the nappy itself is still dry. The liner does not need to be removed when washing.


For optimum use of the Natural Softness Line bamboo nappies, use the accessories when needed, such as the paper liners, washable fleece cloths and the Bambinex washing powder.

More information on this can be found in Accessories